Sunday, June 13, 2010

Three More Days

In three days I am getting married to Avery Longworth. What will my life be like as Rachel Longworth? Will I be different than I am today? What kind of a wife will I be? I pray to God that Avery will be happy choosing me for his wife. To share his life and have his children. I am not going to dwell on worrying. I am going to concentrate on what I must do to get through the next few days till my wedding.

I was in the kitchen baking some loaves of bread that I am taking with me to my house that I will share with Avery. That way I know we will have something to eat. Mother gave me a crock with fresh made butter. She knows I am worried about this. I heard the dogs barking and a huge rumble coming up the road. I went to the side porch that is connected to the kitchen and looked out. There was large wagon pulled by a team of four horses coming to a stop out front of our house! A big burly man got off the wagon, "Hello! I am looking for Miss Rachel Kennedy."

I was speechless, but tried to answer, "Yes, I am Rachel. What can I do for you?" It was then that I saw the writing on the side of the wagon, LONGWORTH FREIGHT COMPANY in big letters.

The driver paused for a minute and looked at me intently, then walked to the stairs, "Avery Longworth is going to be marrying you in a two days?" he asked as if he didn't quite believe it himself.

"Three days." I answered firmly, thinking that now is time to start acting stronger since soon I would be a married woman and not a little girl anymore. Before he had a chance to speak, I asked, "Did Avery send you?"

"Yes ma'am! He thought you'd have things to be moved to his house. Since I was coming through the area empty he wanted me to stop and pick up your stuff so your father would not have to do it."

"You are one of Avery's drivers?" I questioned. He looked older, much older than Avery.

"Yes, ma'am. My name is Orville Babcock."

"How long have you worked for Avery?" I had this yearning to know everything I could about my soon to be husband.

"Why about a year and a half." he replied. "Miss Kennedy, do you have your belongs ready to go? I could back the wagon up to the door," he appeared anxious to get going.

All of a sudden Mother appeared. After a few minutes of figuring out what Orville was doing there, she said, "Mr. Babcock, you must be hungry after your long trip. Please join us for lunch."

Orville smiled broadly showing off his toothless grin, "Why Mrs. Kennedy, that would be right nice of you. I am famished. Just coming in from three days on the road."

Mother said, "I'll go set another place."

"Thank you ma'am, I'll go see to the horses and wash up and be right back."

We had a very interesting lunch, everyone trying to get information about Avery and his business from Orville. He was taken by the attention, and especially having lunch with Mother, my sisters and me, since Father was out in the fields with the boys. They came in just as we were finishing up, so they helped him load the wagon with my things. Had room for everything. Father was thankful, as he was figuring he'd be making many trips to my house for the next several weeks, because our wagon was not nearly big enough for the things I was taking with me. Avery is definitely impressing my family as well as me. Three more days.

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