Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Wedding Day

Today is my wedding day. I was up before first light. Surprisingly, I had no trouble sleeping last night. Must be I was really tired as soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep. I went down to the kitchen thinking I was the first one up, but I smelled coffee as I went down the stairs. Mother and Father were sitting at the table talking quietly when I came in. They looked up surprised to see me so early, "Why good morning dear," Mother said, as I picked up a cup to get some.

"Morning. You both are up early," I replied as I sat down.

Father looked at me and winked, " Rachel honey, today you are no longer our little girl. You are a woman and soon to be having your own family. I can hardly believe it myself."

Mother gave him a look and said, "She's up to this job ahead of her Abe. I have brought up my girls well. All of them will be able to run a house and raise children when they leave our house. And Rachel is my prized student!"

I smiled at her, "Well, I better go get ready."

"I think you have time to eat some breakfast." Mother said as she motioned toward the basket full of eggs that she must have already gathered this morning.

Later, at the church, I sat in the preacher's study listening to the Sunday service. I could not go into the church on my wedding day with Avery sitting out there somewhere. Just like he did not want me to see his house.......our house, I did not want him to see me before our wedding on our wedding day. I was very nervous sitting there but I kept praying to God to help me be a good Christian wife to Avery Longworth. Before long, the service and the singing of the hymns were done with. It was time. Mother came into the room, and said something about helping me get ready. Esther appeared suddenly, she was my maid of honor and she looked so grownup. I was trying not to cry as Mother left me to go sit in the church. Then before I knew it............Father was taking my hands and looking into my eyes, "Rachel, I will always be your Father. You can always come to me. But now it is time for you to put your husband first in your life. He will take care of you and he is an honorable young man. You are truly blessed by our Lord in this marriage." With that he led me out of the preacher's study and down the aisle of the church to Avery Longworth, who was standing at the pulpit waiting for me.

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