Thursday, June 10, 2010

Packing Up My Bedroom

I am starting to pack up my belongings so Father can take them to my house that I will share with Avery. Father said Avery does not want me to see it until our wedding night. I wanted to see it to at least know where I would be living. Father says he will tell me about it when he gets back. I packed up my books, sewing supplies, two of my old dolls that I am saving for my children and some of my clothes.  My hope chest, of course, is all packed and ready to go.

Looking around my room I think about all my memories here. My bedroom is my place of solitude where I go to get away from my brothers and sisters. My sisters share their rooms. Esther and Lorraine share the room across the hall from my room. Leah and Edna are down the hall across from the boy's room. The boys are in one room. They don't spend much time there anyway. Mother said me being the oldest girl should have her own room. Now Esther will be moving into my room. I am not sure what they will do about the others. Probably Lorraine will have to move in with Edna and Leah will take Esther and Lorraine's room.

My head is swimming with thoughts. I am sad to be leaving my room. What will it be like to share a room with Avery? I look forward to my life with him since the lunch we had. I keep looking at my ring that he put on my finger. I won't take it off and I am being so careful with it. It has a diamond in it and looks like it must have cost some money. I feel bad he spent his hard worked money on me. Though it makes me glad too.

One thing I am really nervous about besides the wedding is going to be the first meal I have to make for Avery's and my first meal together. We will need food and I do not know what he will have in our house or even if he is staying there already. He did not say and I did not ask him. Maybe Mother will let me take some food home after the wedding if there is some left over. Father has a whole yard of chickens that he raised for my wedding luncheon at the church hall. This worries me as I want Avery to be pleased that I will know what to do. This is one problem with not being able to talk to him or discuss these issues with him.

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