Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting Sick

I was so excited this morning getting ready for church. We usually go to Avery's family's church on the outskirts of town. Today, we are going to my parents' church. The church we were married in. I am very excited! We are going to surprise my family. It will be so good to see them all again. Mother, I haven't seen since our wedding. We hugged and kissed good-bye and that was the last time I saw her. I cannot wait to see her. Avery knew I was missing my family. My sisters, Esther, Leah, Edna and Lorraine. They were my daily companions for my whole life, and now I haven't seen them in such a long time! I know it has only been a few months but it seems much longer.

I finished making breakfast and sat down with Avery to eat. After the first bite of toast, I felt sick, I ran out the door with Avery not far behind, "What's wrong? Are you sick?' he asked with worry showing on his face.

"Not really sick." I answered trying to calm my stomach after throwing up.

"Maybe we shouldn't go this morning. The long ride might make you worse." he said.

I looked at him a minute, "Oh no Avery! I will be fine. I am not one of those women that have to be coddled.  It may be something I ate. It'll ease up. I have been looking forward to seeing Mother. Please?" I made my sweetest face and looked up into his eyes. I could see him melting and knew I'd be seeing Mother today.

The ride seemed longer than usual. It seemed harder than usual. I hid the way I felt because I wanted to see my family in the worst way. Later at the church, my Mother was so excited when she saw Avery and me walk in just before the sermon started. She patted my hand as Avery and I made our way past them. She motioned for my sisters to scoot down the pew so I could sit next to her. She put her hand on mine several times during the service.

As we were leaving the church, I felt sick again. I tried to hide it from Avery, but I could see Mother watching me intensely. Now she would be worrying about me. I was sure the sickness would pass soon. I am hardly ever sick so it has to be something I ate. On the ride to my parents' house in the wagon, Avery kept his arm around me. He was still very worried about me being sick. That is why I didn't want him to know how bad I was feeling. "Rachel, we cannot stay a long time here. You look a little pale to me and I am eager to get you home and put you to bed."

"Okay. But I want to have a little bit of a visit. We can stay for lunch can't we?" And he consented.

At lunch, I took one bite of Mother's wonderful ham dinner and ended up running from the table outside. I felt so sick and scared. I was scared that maybe there was something very serious wrong with me. Mother came out to me, put her hand on my shoulder, and asked if I had been sick very long. I told her it just started this morning. She didn't say anything more at first.

"Mother, I hope I do not have some disease. I have been so happy. I wanted to tell you that but now you see me sick. How long can this last?" I asked her with tears in my eyes.

"Oh honey, don't worry your head any over that. This sickness will ease up. It only last a few weeks. Then it will be easier." I looked up at her sharply. She spoke softly while running her hand through my hair that had fallen down, "In about nine months you will be as good as new."

"Mother, what are you saying?" I thought I had mistaken what I heard her say.

"Why Rachel, you should have known these signs yourself. It is morning sickness." She laughed slightly, "You and Avery are having a baby!"

"A  baby? Are you sure? How do you know?" I wanted to be sure before I got my hopes up. I stood up thinking how things seem to change so quickly once you get grown up. Last year, I was playing with dolls and never thought I'd be getting married. Now here I am with a husband and my own home and now I am going to have my first baby! I needed time to think about this.

"You have the signs. Come, let's go tell your husband. He is worrying over you being sick. I have a feeling he will like this news."

"You go in and I'll be in directly. I need time to think about this. Don't mention it. I want to tell him myself. Maybe I'll go out to see Ebony first. Then I'll be in." Mother got up and went up the stairs and into the house.

A baby! Avery and I are having a baby! I know he is going to be happy to hear this even though we hadn't discussed it yet. I don't know why I hadn't thought about it. Mother is right. I should have known the signs.

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