Friday, February 19, 2010

A Note

Today is Saturday. We had a busy morning preparing for Sunday dinner. Our Sunday meal is always prepared on Saturday so after church there is not much work to do. I cut up the vegetables for a beef stew. Mother cut up the meat in pieces and added the seasonings. She told me that this is a good meal to prepare often for a working man as it gives him a whole meal in one dish. Easy when you are just starting out cooking for a husband. She told me to find a number of dishes I can prepare easily and do them often until they are perfected the way he likes them. Then move on to others. I hope I can remember that. I know she is trying to help me. Sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach since I have no idea of what a man will expect from his wife.

Leah told me that she heard that Avery Longworth is coming to see me soon. I asked her how she knew that and she just smiled and shook her head. Now where did she hear that and I have not heard anything about that? I am the one who should be told these things! What if he stopped by and I was not home? Or what if I was in the middle of cleaning the chicken house or  mixing dough? I would not be prepared to meet my husband to be under those circumstances! This has me worried. I cannot waste the time worrying about it. I have so many things to do.

Father came in and brought me a envelope that had been opened. I looked at the address and it was addressed to Father but bore the name Avery Longworth in the corner! Oh my! My hands started shaking. I said a quick prayer to the Lord asking him to make this bear good news to my liking. Leah stared at me anxiously, "Open it!" I slowly took the letter from the envelope and unfolded the thin paper and started reading,

Mr. Kennedy,

If it suits you and your family, I would like to come to your house two weeks from now. Need to discuss future arrangements regarding your daughter, Rachel. If I do not hear back by next week I will assume I would be welcome. 


Avery Longworth 

It was dated a week ago! That means he will be coming in a week. What can I do to prepare? I must tell Mother.

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