Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do I Want To Be Rich?

It has been two months since our second son, Samuel was born. He is a lot more demanding than Benjamin was and is. Benjamin is God's gift to me for a first child. He is sweet and loving and does what he is told. Even as an infant he was easy to care for. It is gardening season and I am out in the garden much of the time. When Lola offers to care for Samuel, I can take Benjamin out with me. He follows along with Peanut and me and helps in his own way.

Twice I have seen Ruth since she came here after Samuel was born, to tell me about a man looking for Lola. She said that man has been back twice to see if a woman had shown up. He told Mr. McCleary that the woman he was looking for might come to a hotel looking for work. Now it makes me wonder why he thinks she would go to a hotel to find a job. Even though we have become closer to William and Lola since the night they told us their real story. Lola still isn't that open to us. She talks about what is going around right now, with the children, with the animals, the garden, food. Not  a word about her past or about William and her.

I was out in the garden weeding when Avery came riding up. He was excited about something, "Rachel, I've just got the biggest contract of my life!"

I wiped my hands on my apron to get the dirt off them, "What are you talking about?"

"Mr. Bernstein, the man I told you about. The one who is opening a line of hotels with stores along the trail out to the plains."

"Yes, what about him?"

"He hired me to deliver the freight to the hotels and stores. It is a big contract and will make us rich!"

"Rich? " I paused, I realized Avery was thrilled about this contract and I should be too. But what did it mean? Did it mean that Avery had to go back to driving the freight wagons again because we only have three drivers? If so, it would be difficult for me to accept it on the basis of making us rich. I feel as if I am rich already.

"Well Rachel? What do you think?" He grabbed a hold of me and lifted me off my feet and swirled me around. I couldn't help but laugh as he was in such a mood. "I'll be able to finish this house for you and you can decorate it however you want."

"Avery, I like it fine the way it is."

"Woman, you need a house to suit you. You are a very beautiful woman and you need a beautiful house. And we will fill it with more young'uns."

I had to laugh in spite of myself. I got caught up in Avery's mood. In my mind, I was already rich being married to man I loved with my whole heart. To have my two sons who are healthy and happy. My life is certainly turning out to be blessed with good fortune.

Copyright © 2011 Kathleen G. Lupole
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