Sunday, March 20, 2011

Samuel Martin Longworth's Appearance

My second child,  Samuel Martin Longworth, came into the world crying and screaming. He gave me a fright. Avery was scared that I would not survive, but Lola assisted Amanda and seemed to know exactly what to do to help. Amanda was praying while Lola handled it and saved both my life and our son's. I will always be indebted to her.

I didn't remember any of it. Probably because I passed out. Not that I can't stand the pain, I am not a sissy by any means. This was not in my hands. God decided I needed to sleep through it and put me to sleep so my baby could come into the world. He is not an unusual baby of any sort. Not too big or too small. Just has a set of lungs on him.When he cries, I know it. Matter of fact, everybody knows it.

Ruth drove her buggy out to see me this morning. She seemed a little nervous, until Lola had brought us tea up in my room. I was still recovering from childbirth and Lola was taking care of me. She would not let me do a thing and for awhile I let her run things. Lola actually was doing a fine job. Caring for Benjamin and doing my chores. I'll be back at them before long. Laying around in bed is not something I could do for very long.

As soon as Lola left, Ruth turned to me, "Rachel, somebody is looking for Lola."

"What do you mean? Who?"

"A man rode in on a horse last night and asked Mr. McCleary if we had any guests in the hotel. Mr. McCleary asked why he wanted to know and who he was looking for."

"What did he say?"

"He said a woman and described Lola. Said she may be with a man. Though he wasn't sure about that fact."

"What did Mr. McCleary tell him?"

"He told him there were no women guests in the hotel. That there hadn't been any in quite some time. Said the guests were usually business men."

"Did he believe him?"

"Well, it is the truth. So yes, I think he did."

"What did he look like?"

"Older, fancy horse and saddle."

"Sounds like her husband. Thank you for telling me this. Don't mention it in front of her. I will tell Avery and he can tell William. You are the only one who knows their story. So far, our families just think we are helping them out. Which we are."

"Now show me that new baby," she motioned with her head toward the cradle.

I smiled, "this is Samuel Martin Longworth and I must warn you, he has a mighty set of lungs!"

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