Sunday, June 20, 2010

Left Alone

Avery has been gone for a week and a half now. He had a man come to hire him to drive two wagon loads of supplies to Virginia. It is the farthest he has had to go since we got married. It is a long time with no word from him. He had to leave the day the man, Mr Kendell came to hire him. Avery said he offered him more money than he had ever made in the whole year. He took his other driver, Orville Babcock with him. Orville would drive the other wagon. I did not want him to leave but did not say anything. I hurried to put together enough food for him and Orville to take with them. He came in to tell me he was ready to leave and I tried not to cry. He saw the sadness in my eyes, wiped a tear from my eye and took me into his arms, "Oh Rachel it is hard for me to leave you. But it is my work and it what I must do. This is a lot of money for us and it will lead to more. So I must do this myself. If you need anything just go to my parents' and they will help you. Just ask."

I looked up at him trying not to cry, "Avery, don't worry about me. Please take care of yourself and be careful. I am more afraid for you than me. I will be okay here. After all I have Peanut to watch out for me." I tried to make a little joke and laugh, but my laugh would not come out.

"I will be back as soon as I can. I don't know how long it will take to get there and back. For one thing the wagons are heavily loaded and we will have to move slowly. It could take a month or more to get there and back."

Avery, it's okay. I understand. It is your business."

"Our business, Rachel. Our business." he smiled at me, then took me in his arms and kissed me gently, then passionately. "Oh girl, what you do to me," he replied huskily. Then he pulled away, "Gotta run. Orville has the wagons loaded up." With that, he was gone.

I was alone. I sat there in the chair till it was almost dark. I felt numb. It would be the first time to sleep in Avery's and my bed without him. He had warned me this would happen. He had been putting off taking the overnight jobs by sending his brother-in-law, George and Orville. I got up from the chair and went to light a lamp. Then went outside to unhook Peanut to bring him inside with me. Took a quick trip through the barn to make sure everyone had water and was okay. I stopped to pet Tater and Spud. They rubbed their heads against my shoulder and then Spud licked my hand. It made me feel comforted to know they love me and they are out here for me.

I went through the motions of putting together a small meal for myself. Some cold roast beef, homemade mustard on fresh bread that I had made that morning. A small cabbage salad and cut up some apples for my dessert. I wasn't hungry but ate anyway. After I cleaned up and made my way upstairs, I carried Peanut with me and cuddled him in my arms, which he did not mind at all, until I fell asleep.

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