Thursday, June 17, 2010

Starting Out My Life As Mrs. Avery Longworth

I have been married for a a week now. It is so strange. I had a whole other life and with one day of celebration everything has changed. Now Mother had explained the "facts of life" to me. In fact, when you live on a farm and raise animals, you learn what goes on between two beings pretty fast. It still does not prepare you for what is actually going to happen when it is YOU it is happening to. I remembered Mother's words about not wanting me to leave Avery on my wedding night. I did want to though.

Our wedding was beautiful and he was very attentive to me. I felt like the belle of the ball. It was fun. I knew that I was going to have more to contend with than just a wedding celebration. In fact, I did not want to leave with Avery when they told me it was time for us to go home. Mother and Father and my sisters and brothers all hugged and kissed me and told me they would see me soon. It has been a week and I have not seen or heard from any of them.

I must say after that first night with Avery, my husband, I felt different. Not at all like a girl, but a woman. I am a woman now......a married woman with a husband. My husband. Avery Longworth was not someone I would have ever thought of being married to. He is different from any of the other boys I knew from town or school. He is older of course, and he has his own business so that makes him seem so smart and mature. I forgot to say that he is a VERY handsome man. Very confident and sure of himself. He treats me kindly and gently. I think I will be very happy with him. I am happy now except for missing my family.

After our first night together, I got up early and lit the fire in the hearth and started breakfast. By the time Avery came downstairs I had our breakfast ready to set on the table. Avery was very appreciative. He stayed with me the whole day showing me around our house..........always reminding me it was my house and to do what I wanted with it. Change anything I think needs changing. He said the house was my responsibility and the barn and the business is his. I am satisfied with that.

I went out to the barn to see Tater and Spud. They seemed comfortable and was getting along with all the other horses and cows. They were used to being in a stand in stall. Now they are in big box stalls. They look small next to a couple of the work horses. They didn't seem to mind. They comfort me because they are from home. I stayed out there with them for awhile and when I went in the house, there to greet me on the kitchen floor was a tiny little puppy! Avery came around the corner, "Rachel, I thought you'd need some company when I am working. Some nights I won't be home and I want you to have some protection," he smiled at me.

"Oh, he's so cute! He's mine?" I squealed with delight. Then I remembered I was supposed to act grown up now. So I said, "Why thank you Avery. I will take good care of him."

Avery stood looking at me for a minute, then grabbed my hand and pulled me to him, "Rachel, I just want you to be happy here with me. If there is anything you need or want, just ask."

"What is his name?" I asked looking down at the puppy now exploring the kitchen floor.

"Whatever you want. He has no name."

"He looks like a little peanut. I think I will call him Peanut. Okay?"

"Perfect. Just like you." Avery looked down at me, and held onto me looking into my eyes. Soon he was kissing me, and I was responding to his kiss. Marriage is a lot different than I thought.

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