Saturday, January 30, 2010

Making Plans

I have been putting all my spare time into preparing for my marriage to Avery Longworth. He still has not been in touch or sent a message since he sent me the beautiful jewelry box. How can I marry a man I don't know? I will not know what he likes to eat, his favorite colors, what he expects of a wife or anything at all. His family has not come to call either. This worries me constantly. Mother brushes it off, saying that will come in time. She says I will learn all that soon enough after the wedding.

My sisters helped me to piece four quilts. Mrs. Johnson down the road gave me the cotton and enough lining for two of them. Mother said we can buy the lining for the other two next time we go to town. Mrs. Johnson traded some muslin for some extra meat we had from the bull Father butchered last week. There is enough muslin for four sets of sheets, two pairs of pillow cases, three tablecloths and five towels. After we ate lunch, Leah and I cut out the red and white gingham and the yellow and white flowered cotton dresses. We will sew them together in the next few days during the evening.

Yesterday, Mother and I worked in the kitchen. My sisters and I have always taken turns making our food, such as bread, rolls, cereals, desserts, as well as our meals. Mother has decided that I should be the one in the kitchen every day now. My sisters will be assisting me. She wants to make sure my baking and cooking skills are perfect for my new husband. I am sort of nervous about cooking for him, though I have always cooked for everyone for years. This is different and I would like to know what he likes to eat or does not like. What if he hates the first meal I cook for him? It will be his fault for not coming to call on me. That is what suitors usually do or that is what I always thought.

My sister Esther has been trying to care for my team of horses. Tater and Spud are my own horses and I am planning on taking them and my buckboard with me. I have raised them from tiny foals, having been born on the same day. Father had promised I could have them and taught me how to harness them up to the buckboard. I worked baking and sewing for Mr. Tottle in town who traded the buckboard to me. His wife had died two years before and he needed some new clothing, some mending and was hankering for some baked bread, cake and pies. I still bake for him at times. Esther is not really fond of horses except that there are times she wants to go someplace and needs the buckboard. So during this time she is learning so when I am gone she will be able to use Father's team.

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