Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Wedding Date

Today Mother studied the calendar and told me I would be getting married on Sunday, June 19th after church. She started making a list of things that need to be done. She told me to go look in my hope chest and see what I have and make a list of it. Then we will make a list of the items I will be needing. She said I need two years worth of clothes and personal items. And I will need my kitchen utensils also.

I have been keeping a hope chest ever since I can remember. My grandmother made me beautiful presents every year of her handiwork to put in it. Whenever someone gave me a present it usually was something for my hope chest. All of my sisters have one too. It is what we are taught. I am the eldest daughter, so the first one to be getting married. My sisters, Esther, Leah, Edna and Lorraine watched with much interest of the study of my hope chest.

As I look at my own embroidery I see the difference in my stitches as I got older and became more experienced. That is what we do in the evening around the fire. After all the kitchen chores are finished and the fire is set up for morning in the kitchen hearth, Mother and us girls sew. The boys and Father repair tack, shoes or read. Then Father reads some Scriptures out of our family Bible. Then we have our prayers and go on to bed. The same thing every night. I wonder what my routine will be like after I am married? I don't know what Avery Longworth's routine is or even what he likes.

I pray to God that he will be the kind of man my own father is. I see my Father as a strong man but he has compassion for others. He is good to Mother and treats her like she is precious to him. Us children can go to him for any reason and he will take the time to listen. I like that. In an emergency, many neighbors and friends will come to him for help and he always knows what to do. Most important is that Father is a man who follows God's word and has taught us children to always obey God first. I do not know if Avery Longworth is like my father in any way since I do not really know him that well. Soon, I shall.

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