Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just Another Day In My Life

This morning my friend, Eliza stopped by on her way to the Alison's farm. She goes there every week to help Mrs. Alison with her baking. Mrs. Alison broke her leg a couple of months ago and was having trouble doing her baking. Eliza lives with her father and her grandfather. She does most of the cooking but she wanted to learn to bake better. Someday she wants to have a family and thought that would be a good skill to have. Her grandfather taught her how to make bread but she wants to know how to make buns, pies and cakes too. Mother would have taught her or one of us girls could have. We have been baking since we were able to stand up. Eliza never mentioned it to me before. Mrs. Alison got hurt and Eliza worked out this deal with her.

So I was eagerly looking forward to her visit. We talked over some oatmeal cookies and tea. She told me all the news from her family. Her brother, Nathan is married now and he only visits them once a month. He and his wife, Ruth came last week and they are going to have a baby. Eliza is so excited! A baby finally in her family. Her mother died in childbirth when Eliza was born. She was always sad that she didn't know her mother or have any other brothers or sisters except for Nathan. I know she loves children and especially babies.

Today I worked on my sampler. It reads "Bless This House For All Whom Reside Here Trust In The Lord". It has red roses and green ivy along the edges. Someday it will hang in my own home. Wherever that may be.

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