Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Family Life

Photo Credit: Sam Mugraby

Avery is back to work now.  I think he is taking time out on his runs to try to locate his brother, Jacob. He left with not a word. Avery is troubled by his leaving because he was so happy to have Jacob come back after about ten years of being gone. Nobody knew if he was dead or alive. Now we know, but Avery made me promise.... well he didn't make me promise, he told me not to say a word to anyone. He knows I had told our friend Ruth, but nobody else is suppose to know that his brother was here. I feel bad because I was happy that Jacob had left and I knew Avery wouldn't be. Maybe after time passes he will get used to him being gone.

Benjamin is getting so big. He spent a lot of time with Avery while he was home and not able to work. He is doing two big freight runs to give George some time off. Then he is going to open an office in town and set up the freight company there. The horses and equipment will still be kept here at home where they are safe. Then Avery will only drive when the other drivers can not do it for some reason. I like this for selfish reasons. I want my husband home with me every night if possible.

This Sunday after church, Mother and Father and the girls and Teddy are coming here for Sunday dinner. They will go to our church and I know this means that they have to get up extra early to do this. It is a special day. Benjamin is FINALLY being christened!  I asked Avery to invite his family and we will make it a big celebration.  We asked Avery's sister, Margaret, and her husband, George, to be Benjamin's Godparents. I felt they would be best to take care of him if anything happened to Avery and myself. Margaret cried when we asked her. I know she would take the responsibility seriously. She is a good mother and George is good to her and their children.

Avery should be home soon. He is stopping at his parents' home on the way home, to ask them to come to Benjamin's christening. Now things will be normal again. Just the three us for supper. Even though Benjamin is still little, I want him and all our future children to be part of our routines. I want to teach my children the way Mother taught us. My sisters, brothers and I are all capable of many things. All of us are careful students of the Bible. We know it, and our children after us, will know it.

As I was setting the table I heard horse hooves, "oh, good, your Daddy is home!" I said to Benjamin who was sitting in his little high chair. He smiled big. He knows what some words mean and Daddy is one of them.

I heard Avery's step outside the door, I hurried to open it for him. "I hope I'm not late. You know Ma, she didn't want to let me out of there. Tried her best to get me to stay for supper, but I told her you'd scalp me alive!"

"I've got your supper all ready. While you wash up, I'll put it on the table."

He bent down to kiss me, "Mmmmm, you smell good."

I blushed, "Avery, go wash up. Supper is waiting."

I realized as I finished setting the table how much I had missed the attention he used to bestow on me before Jacob came. I started humming as I finished putting the supper on the table. Life is sure good around the Longworth homestead tonight.

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