Monday, September 6, 2010

A Family Ride

Today was wash day. I was able to skip doing barn chores since Avery's brother, Jacob is here. He went out with Avery and Avery showed him how he does things. Avery is still recuperating from his ordeal of being beaten by those outlaws who stole his load of freight. I hope he will show Jacob how to do the chores and not do them himself. Jacob offered to help and he does have a roof over his head and food to eat for now. He never did tell us why he showed up here or what he had been doing all these years. When Avery asked him he avoided answering. That is fine for now. If he stays with us for very long we will have to know what his intentions are.

I washed the laundry and hung it out to dry. It is a nice day for winter with the sun shining. I will try to make a couple of pies for supper tonight. Avery has lost some weight since he was eating mostly liquid meals until his jaws weren't so swollen. Today, my brother Kenneth is supposed to come and talk to Avery about the job of driving Avery's freight wagon. He has some loads that are waiting to be hauled until another driver could be found. The other two drivers have been working nonstop.

I felt someone was watching me, I looked around and there was Avery. I smiled, "Hey stranger! How's things going in the barn?"

"Fine, he knows how to clean a stall. I feel like taking one of the horses out for a ride."

"Avery, you are still recovering."

"I know, but I feel the need to get on horseback. It'll heal my soul."

"I don't want you to go out alone. I sure wish I could go with you. Nothing makes me feel more alive than a ride just for the fun of it."

"Let's go together. How about I help you hang the rest of these?"

"Oh no Avery! I'll finish it up in a few minutes. I was daydreaming that's why it was taking me so long. Just enjoying the sunshine."

'What about Benjamin? Want me to get him ready? How do you haul him on horseback?"

I smiled at that term, hauling Benjamin on horseback. "I have a sling that I wear and put him inside. He loves it. I know he is going to love horses as much as we do. It is in his blood."

"Okay, I will get him ready. What does he need besides a clean diaper? Some food?"

"I supply his food. Just change his diaper and pack a clean one."

"We can't be very long because Kenneth is coming. Remember? About the job."

"Yes, I know. When we get back I will prepare a couple of pies for supper and maybe I can convince him to eat with us."

"Better make more than a couple. My brother is mighty hungry. I think he hasn't had a woman's cooking for too long."

After our ride, Avery took the horses in the barn and I went in the house. Benjamin was rosy from the cold air but was laughing and happy. He loves riding with me and I love teaching him to love it. After all, horses are important in our life. I changed and fed him then put him down for a nap. I'm afraid he doesn't get a nap in when we are out riding.

I just finished putting the top crust on the pies when all of a sudden I heard horse hooves. I looked outside and saw my brother, Kenneth was here. Better get my pies in the oven to go with our supper. I feel truly blessed tonight with Avery spending so much time with Benjamin and me. Our ride today made the day extra special. Though I know if it wasn't for Jacob being here we wouldn't have been able to go together.

Thank you Lord for all my blessings...........and especially for my parents accepting Avery Longworth to be my husband. And for you Lord, giving us our dear sweet Benjamin. Thank you so much.

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