Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Invitation

Today I have not been feeling very well. I admit it, I am scared. I am scared of getting married. I am scared of leaving Father and Mother, my sisters and yes, even my brothers. I know I can take my horses with me. And that is a comfort to me. But I will be alone with Avery Longworth every day for the rest of my life. What will we talk about? What if he does not like me once he gets to know me? What if I cannot cook and keep house good enough for him?

He is older than me and has been out in the world. I know nothing outside of my little country home and small town. I have only been to a city once in my life. And I did not like it. Of course, I was only 8 years old at the time. We had to go to Binghamton and it was a long ride. Mother's brother, Aaron was getting married to Aunt Dora and that is where she lived. It was a very fancy wedding and that was fun. But the city was full of wagons and people and very uncomfortable for me. The ride was long and rough and I could not wait to get out of the wagon.

Yesterday I received a note from Avery Longworth's mother, she wrote:

My Dear Rachel,

I am looking forward to your upcoming marriage to Avery. I  would like to have you and your family come to our home in Norwich for a luncheon on June 4th at noon. It would be nice to get to know you a little better before your wedding. Avery will be present and is looking forward to seeing you again. 


Abigail Longworth 

I have been reading this note over and over. Mother seemed happy about the invitation. So are my sisters. They like any invitation to go anywhere. Today they were working on hemming some pillow cases that we made. I will wait and do the embroidery work on them later on.  After I am married, the cold winter evenings can get long without something to do. I have always enjoyed doing needlework by the fire.

Avery will be there. That is only 5 days away. What if her note had not been received in time? It seems to be short notice for a special luncheon. Maybe she didn't know if Avery would come? I do not even know if he lives with his family or not. Or what he does for living. I need to ask him some questions when I see him. He is a mystery to me and yet, I think he knows everything about me.

I better go put my clothes together for Saturday. I need to wear a special dress. Maybe my blue pale one will do. It is my best dress from two years ago but it fits good since Mother let it out a little. She exclaimed, "Rachel, you are growing up so fast that I can barely keep you in decent dresses! Before long you will be married and sewing for your own family." I remember thinking to myself, "Never! I am never leaving you and Father." Now here I am doing just what she said.

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