Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Husband To Be

I have been spending much time thinking about Avery Longworth since the day he came here to meet me. He was so kind and polite toward me. I had a whole different idea of him before that. Must be it is because he hadn't come here to see me after Father said I could marry him. I think I was resenting him. Now, things are different. He spent some time alone with me in the barn and he was a perfect gentleman.

Two days ago I received an envelope in the mail from him! He sent me a letter and beautiful blue satin ribbon for my hair! The message was short, just thanking me for the day he spent with me and my family. He said the dinner was very good. And that he looked forward to the next time we meet again. That was all. Maybe he is the kind of man who writes few words and will say more in person or after we get to know each other.

I told him when he was here how much I loved the beautiful jewelry box he sent me. I had sent him a thank you note for it when I first got it. It looks empty right now because I don't have much jewelry of my own. One necklace my grandmother gave me that had belonged to her grandmother. I know I will wear it on my wedding day. I wear it to church and on special occasions. My grandmother gave it to me instead of my sisters because I was the first born girl. I put the blue satin ribbon in the jewelry box along with my necklace.

Mother has just finished sewing the lace on my wedding gown. It is very fragile lace and she had saved it for many years she said, just for this occasion. It was packed in her pine chest and had my name on it. She said she has bought or bartered for materials and things for the weddings of all of us girls.  Me, Leah, Edna and Lorraine. It used to be her hope chest. She said she started saving things in it for us because she knew the cost involved with a wedding after her own.

I took Father's stallion, Ebony out for ride today. I imagine I will not be riding him much after I move out. He is not easy for the others to ride as he has a mind of his own. He minds me real good though. I just felt like letting him run. He certainly did that! We ran for miles it seemed. My brothers can't even ride him as they almost always get thrown off. He does not do that to me and never has. I think he likes it when I whisper or sing in his ears when he is on the way home.

Father came in the barn when I was wiping him down. He just watched us quietly for awhile and didn't say a word. Then he said, "Ebony is sure going to miss you missy. He doesn't get to have fun when you are not around. You will have to come take him out every now and then to keep him in shape."  I nodded, for I could not speak as my throat had tightened up as I choked back tears. I want to marry Avery Longworth, but I will miss my family, Ebony, my bedroom with the pink lacy curtains and even the path down to the creek where I like to go to think or take a swim. Why do I feel so sad about my upcoming marriage to a kind, handsome gentleman that any woman would be thankful to be marrying? I want to marry him. I just will miss my life here too.

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