Sunday, July 24, 2011

Being Watched

Things have been hectic around here since our son, Samuel was born. Avery got an important contract and had to get back into driving the freight wagon to deliver the freight for his new client. Mr. Bernstein has been building hotels and stores across the country.William and Lola are still here, so William is running the freight office until Avery is back. It was a good thing they were still here, because it gave us this opportunity to make more money.

I was sitting here today having my raspberry leaf tea, watching Benjamin throw a ball for Peanut, when Lola came in. She has become more comfortable here, but at times is as jumpy as a cat. Today, she looked scared, "Rachel, I think he has found me!"

"Your husband?" I hadn't heard her mention him before. She never called him by name.

"Yes, I was out in the apple orchard and I heard something. I looked around and saw a movement in the bushes."

"Oh, that could have been a deer or a rabbit," I relaxed. I didn't want her husband coming here when we were alone.

"No, I know their sound. It was human steps. I went back to the barn and got the gun from the barn. When I went back he was gone."

"Maybe it was a bum looking for some work to do for food."

"Then why didn't he say something? I know it was him."

I didn't say anything back, but I was thinking of what we could do if he did show up. From what I understood, he could handle a gun a lot better than Lola or me. Just because William had beaten him one time, did not mean he was a weak man. William just got him in a weak moment, when he was beating Lola.

I got up, "Lola, you stay in the house with the children. I'll go take a look."

"Oh no Rachel! If harm came to you, your husband would never forgive me."

I went to the drawer in my table and took out my pistol. I checked that it was loaded. Lola raised her eyebrows, "No, don't go."

"I can use this as good as any man. Father taught all of us girls to shoot. And I mean REALLY shoot. If he is out there, I can protect myself."

I checked the whole area around the apple orchard and didn't find anything. What is that? I saw something. There were some footprints! A man with boots. So someone had been here, but there was no way to know if it was her husband for sure. It probably was though. Who else would be snooping around?  I'll tell William when he gets home from the freight office. Avery isn't expected for another week.

On my way past the barn, I checked the horses. Then locked the back entrance, just in case. Don't want to walk in here and have someone hiding on me. At least out front, I'd see him or Peanut would. I couldn't wait for William to get home. For now, I will keep an eye out.

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