Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting Ready For Our Second Baby

I started having labor pains in the early morning hours. Avery went to get Amanda Stewart. She delivered Benjamin and now would be delivering our second child. I kept praying everything would go well with this baby just like it did when Benjamin was born. I have been very careful with everything I did so as not to cause any problems with the baby.

Lola came in carrying a cup of tea, "Drink this, it will settle you down." I took it from her and noted that she seemed more relaxed and friendly around me now. Ever since her and William told us the truth about their situation. William had moved his things into the bedroom across the hall from her room. He didn't have to sleep on the floor anymore.

"Thanks." I took a sip.

"Rachel, I am sorry to have caused you so much worry."

"Don't worry about it. Things are fine now. I understand why you felt that you couldn't trust me."

"I was scared."

"Now you aren't?"

"A little but not as much. Before I was afraid of you and Avery finding out."

I let out a yell, "Ooooh, do you think Avery is back with Amanda yet?"

"I'll go look." she hurried out the door.

The pains were coming more regular now. I knew Amanda would be here soon and she'd take over. I had sent a message to her yesterday with a passerby telling her I'd be needing her in the next couple of days. I could just tell. Not that I am that experienced having had only one baby so far. I knew this one was going to be here soon.

I heard footsteps, but knew they were not Lola's, they were Avery's. He came in and said, "How are doing? Pains coming faster?"

"Yes, they are. Is Amanda coming?"

"She is on her way. Following in her wagon. I rode on ahead to get back here in case you needed me."

I could see the worry in his face I reached my hand out to him, "Hey Mr. Longworth, we are having our second child here today. What do you think? Will it be another son? Or our first daughter?"

He took my hand and knelt down by the bed, "I feel a need to ask the Lord to get us through this day."

I nodded, "Go ahead. I'll try to be quiet."

He bent his head, "Lord, Rachel and I are having our second child today. Please make it a safe and easy birth. Lord, you helped me find Rachel to be my wife and mother to my children. I am very happy with that choice. Please keep her well, and our new baby too. It doesn't matter to me if it is a son or a daughter. Just as long as it is healthy, and the birth is easy for my wife. Please Lord, I could not bear my life if anything happens to Rachel. In Jesus's name I ask it. Amen."

As he bent his head, I saw a tear in his eye. "Avery, I will be fine. My mother had all of her children with nothing ever going wrong. God is with me and our child."

"I just worry about you that is all."

"Go see if Amanda is here yet. If she is tell her to come right up. If Lola hasn't already heated water, tell her to do so now."

Avery smiled, "Lola has it boiling. Cloths are ready too.I'll go check on Amanda. She should be here by now."

He left the room as I had another stabbing labor pain. I made myself be quiet and not cry out. This baby is going to be a easy birth like Benjamin was and will be healthy too. I know it will be so.

Copyright © 2011 Kathleen G. Lupole
Updated 2016