Sunday, July 4, 2010

Baking Bread And Thinking

Today I worked all day in the kitchen baking bread and pies. Tomorrow Avery's family is coming to our home after church for dinner. They did not want me to go to all this trouble for them. Said they could eat sandwiches. I told them, "Not at my house." Mother would not like to hear that I fed my husband's family sandwiches after church. No, she would not like that one bit. I am making a roast chicken for dinner, with lots of vegetables that I grew in my garden. Homemade bread, fresh creamy butter, apple pies and lots of fresh cream. Oh, they will be very surprised. I am sure everyone thinks of me as a youngster who has to learn these things. I have been making food like this my whole life.

I have been doing a lot of thinking today. I am having my first child. What shall I call her or him? I want to make a list of names and see what Avery thinks. It must be a special name for our first child. What kind of a mother shall I be? I pray I can be as good a mother as Mother was to me. She taught me so much and I didn't even realize how important it all was when she was teaching me. Now I know. It is important for a girl to learn as much about housekeeping as possible, before she gets married. It always appears to everyone that the boys are the most important because they earn a living or make a living from your farm. In the Bible, it tells how important a wife is to her husband. How important a mother is to her children.

Mother hinted to me the last time she was here that my sister, Esther will be next to get married. I cannot believe it. I don't think she knows about it yet. I can't help thinking who will it be? Now Avery would have been the last person I would have guessed to be marrying me. So who is it Mother and Father have in mind for my skinny little sister, Esther? Esther who sneaks away to play dolls with Lorraine. Who sticks her finger in the bowl when she is supposed to be mixing up frosting for a cake. I can't imagine who it would be. Maybe Avery would have an idea. He seems to know everything but never offers me any information unless I ask him a few times. Then he looks at me a certain way and I know he knows the answer I am looking for. I have grown to know him pretty good. And I like the fact that I can tell what he is thinking.

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